Adagio for Not For Profit

Tracking your funding and expenses is veryimportant. Managers are responsible for different projects and they always want up-to-the-minute reports. Wouldn’t it be great if they could get their own reports themselves as long as there was no way they could mess up your ledger?

That’s where Adagio FX comes in. It gives password-controlled, read-only access. You create the template for them, and they can get their reports at any time, without bothering the accounting department.

Ask us how the specially priced Adagio Non-Profit Suites can work for charities, churches, clubs, and societies.

Non-Profit Introductory Suite

Adagio Ledger | Adagio Payables

Non-Profit Financial Suite Add-on

Adagio Gridview | Adagio FX Pro| Adagio BankRec

Non-Profit Billing Suite Add–on

Adagio Receivables | Adagio Invoices

Other modules of interest to Non-Profit Organizations

Adagio SalesCQ