What Our Clients Say About Us

Our organization has been utilizing the services of CW Consulting since 2005 when we started our business with a very simple, out of the box system. We rapidly came to the conclusion that the system we were using was incapable of dealing with the complexity and the volume of non-standard transactions in our business model. Carol introduced us to Adagio and we have never looked back since.

Adagio has clearly been the tool that has allowed us to make our accounting system work for us. What made it a success?

  • Carol first configured Adagio and our accounting parameters and then loaded the initial system for us in a matter of hours. Her knowledge of the capabilities of Adagio and her conceptual skills allowed her to do this rapidly. Today, five years later, 90 % of the original configuration decisions and parameters are still in place.
  • She then worked with a variety of staff in our organization to very quietly and patiently train them, in their language, as to how to process our accounting transactions.
  • She finally dealt, in person, and on site, with the key events of the year: month end close, year end audit preparation, year end close. The first year, she spent close to 12 hours on site for the year end close. I despaired of ever closing without her. However, due to her teaching and coaching skills, she has not attended the last three year end closings AT ALL.
  • We only call Carol when we need her now and that is quite infrequent
  • Our major involvement with Carol tends to be around new release management and implementation and this is also quite streamlined.
  • On occasion, our business model changes, or software changes improve our ability to utilize the software and we find it necessary to have Carol work briefly with us at that time. This is a productive choice that we make.
  • The strong financial accounting resources of Adagio and Financial Reporter.

The productivity result: we now run our business on 12 to 15 hours per month of accounting effort, however, this excludes accountability and yearend audit. This is for a business of 700 customers, 80 active vendors and 30,000 transactions a year.

What skills make this possible?

  • Carol is always a great listener. The very first thing that she does when she encounters a problem is to quietly, yet thoroughly, interview whoever she is talking to. What were you doing when this happened? Did you utilize this approach, or that approach? What was the immediate result? Etc. she then goes to the data. The data does not lie.
  • Carol has superhuman patience. She never raises her voice, criticizes a staff member, or challenges how something is done, even in tense situations.
  • She has an excellent generic business model, but is always prepared to learn how to do a task or perform a function differently.
  • She has encyclopedic knowledge of both Adagio and which fellow practitioner to call to research a problem.
  • She is ALWAYS available. Even when on vacation, or attending a conference, which is rare.
  • She has a very effective model of prioritizing her calls: payroll first, system failures next, then everyone else. And it works! And customers accept it because it makes sense!
  • Carol deals in results!

No system is perfect, least of all Adagio. However, Carol has helped us understand the trade-offs and the issues in systems and to work more productively within the framework of the system that we use for our business.

As long as we are in this business, I can safely be assured that we will continue to be associated with C W Consulting.

I have been a client of Carol’s for almost three years now. I was a new user of Adagio, and I have always been grateful to have someone I can call when I have problems or need clarification. I know there are on-line resources, but sometimes it is more reassuring to be able to discuss things openly with someone else who knows exactly what you are talking about. I would not feel as comfortable using this software if I didn’t have a person I could call at anytime. Carol’s service has always been a great asset to me.

I really understand the value of the software. The information it can generate (reports, financial statements) in such a short period of time is amazing. I continue to impress my boss when I am able to run a simple report and provide him with the specific info he is looking for.  It is an added bonus when he thinks it’s something I’ve worked on all day!  Our company has a large receivables book, and I find Adagio a great tool for managing it. I would recommend Adagio to anyone who is looking for a great accounting system.

Adagio: we have been using Adagio since the beginning of our fiscal year 2003. We use GL, AR, AP, OE, Inventory Mgmt and Sales Analysis. I find the program very easy to use, and easy to teach to new employees. I like the way all the modules interact with each other. The fact that I can get some of the same information about customers or inventory from more than one module is very convenient, as I don’t have to open every module. For example, I usually keep OE open all day, and I can get all the history information I need about my customers, and I can also check inventory levels. When we get phone calls from customers, it is easy to track the history of shipments, Pos, payments, dates, adjustments – everything we need to know is available quickly, which means we are able to respond to our customers inquiries immediately, without needing the hard copy files. I am also able to access the same information about vendors. The AP module allows to me to respond to requests for cheques immediately when necessary, which is always appreciated by those wanting the cheque! Sales analysis is in use constantly as we analyze our sales data, try to identify trends in our market, and design promotions which will meet our customers needs and allow our company to grow. We are able to pull sales information in a myriad to combinations, for all the years we have been using Adagio, so we have all the history we need. As an accountant, I find the GL user-friendly and invaluable in tracking information for f/s and reports. Although Hedy Canada is a small company, we are very focused on reporting our results, financial and sales, and Adagio gives us superior ability to do what we need to do.

Carol: has been invaluable in every aspect. She responds quickly to my queries, is on site when I need her to be. The few times she hasn’t been able to answer my questions immediately, she has always gotten answers from tech support. She gives us valuable suggestions about Adagio features, and explains the new features on all the updates. When we were searching for new software, she actually suggested Adagio, as she thought it was a good fit for our requirements, and this has proven to be true.

Carol Wojick was a huge help in getting us up and running from scratch using Adagio. We had the necessary information input in no time at all and were up and running smoothly with very little effort. Carol knows the product so well she can almost anticipate what the next question can be. One of the smartest moves we have made in a long time and we are very glad Carol was there to steer the way.

Adagio is very user friendly and easy to navigate. We created an invoice from scratch as the invoices in Adagio’s folders did not really suit our purposes. With our consultants help we were able to create an invoice which suited us and can now adapt that specification to all of our requirements on our own. We run numerous companies on this software and are very pleased. I would highly recommend Adagio to anyone.

What value does CW Consulting’s services bring to us?

Carol Wojick of CW Consulting has always brought prompt, courteous service to our business. She is very accommodating, and if ever a question was posed that she was unsure of, you can be assured she will find the correct answer and get right back to you in short order. Carol will also make sure we understand what she has shown us or helped us with to make sure we can repeat the process without her help the next time around. She also checks in once in awhile to ensure we are installing the service packs and just to make sure things are going smoothly. Carol makes us feel that we are part of her team, and we are not alone on Mars with no where to go. It’s a great feeling to know that you will always get your problem solved as quickly as possible when you are on Carol’s team.

What value has Adagio brought to us?

Adagio has made our accounting department so efficient, we are now struggling to keep 2 full time staff busy. Before Adagio, it was all the 2 of us could do to keep up, and I was actually contemplating hiring another person. Because Adagio integrates with our payroll program, Paymate Acclaim, we are able to import our payroll information directly into the G/L accurately, which has also saved hours of preparing and entering payroll journal entries separately.

I would have to say though, that the most value that Adagio has brought to our company, was how easy and inexpensive it was to switch from Accpac Plus to Adagio. When I was hired on 2 years ago, the computers were crashing regularly, and we knew we had to switch accounting programs from Accpac Plus. However, because the computers were crashing regularly, we didn’t have time to spend months and months researching other accounting programs and couldn’t just run a DOS program on our new operating system. So we bought new computers, hired Carol to install Adagio, and we were back up and running very quickly. We didn’t have to struggle through and wait for months until our year end to make the transition. We were able to implement this in our busiest time of the year, and carry on without a hitch. I don’t believe this would have been possible with any other program.

Carol Wojick has been working with ABEX since 2005 and we are extremely happy with the service and her fast response time. Carol is usually able to log in to my system and get me up and running in just a few minutes, however if the situation is more complex an office visit is quickly arranged. Carol is always successful in resolving our problems and we are pleased to be able to use her services.

I have worked with Carol Wojick since 2007. We switched accounting systems to Adagio at that time, the transition was unbelievable it was quick and accurate. It is the best accounting system I have worked on. The importing of files from other systems is simple and quick and accurate. Carol is very knowledgeable and helpful. Carol’s response time when an email or message is left is very good. The exporting to excel spreadsheets is also an amazing feature Adagio offers. The reporting and getting information on GL accounts is very good it’s very easy to find the info needed.

It is with great pleasure that we write this testimonial about Carol Wojick and the work she has done for our company since 2005.

Our fused glass manufacturing company had been up and going since 2004 but we were reaching a point with our business that our records needed to be fully computerized and integrated with a user-friendly accounting system. This was important as, first and foremost, we were glass artists and our record keeping had been done with the assistance of a bookkeeper. Carol came in and worked first with our bookkeeper to get our cumbersome accounting system transferred to her accounting program.

What became apparent very early on was that Carol was extremely competent and knowledgeable about the system. She showed tremendous problem solving skills, with her creative solutions to meet our needs. Her people skills are unsurpassed; she has a polite, congenial, kind manner that immediately sets you at ease and makes you and your questions feel very important. With great patience she worked with both of us to insure we were very familiar and comfortable with the program. Upon her departure she left us with detailed notes and resources to enable us to become reasonably proficient and fairly independent with the program.

Where Carol proved her true value was in her follow-up support. Even from another province, with her up-to-date technology, she can link computers and look at your program with you and work through any issues you may have and come up with a solution. Her familiarity with the program and the fact that she is very current with any program updates allows her to quickly assess your problem and resolve it readily. We know we can depend on her as she is always prompt in her response to our calls and meeting our needs.

Our experience with Carol has demonstrated her to be a person of integrity, one who works with you to keep your business honest and prepared for government taxes and audits. She has proven herself to be a focused and attentive associate and one we have come to value and rely on in the day-to-day operation of our business.

Thank you so much Carol!

Our experience of working with Carol Wojick—CW Consulting over the past 12 years has been first rate. Carol’s service is prompt, effective and results in timely solutions. We would happily recommend CW Consulting to other small to mid-size not-for-profit organizations for their financial software needs.

Just taking this opportunity to say a great big THANK YOU, I have been working with Carol Wojick from CW Consulting for over six years. As the Legion’s change, so have our accounting software needs. I am very impressed with the assistance I have received from Carol. The Adagio software has been able to ensure that all our accounting needs are up to-date and efficient. The website is very straight forward and easy to use. I like the fact that I can watch demo’s more than once.“Well done.”

Why did CRHBA choose Adagio? We had been using ACCpac Plus (DOS) for many years. The staff found Adagio the most compatible, easy to use, and very similar to what they had been used to This was important for reduced learning curve.  Also, we were pleased to not be forced to loose our historical data.  As a not-for-profit history is very important to us.

Carol Wojick has been the consultant for CRHBA since before my time, so a minimum of 10 years.  Her service is quick, reliable, and she has effectively lead us out of several near catastrophes.