PayDirt Payroll Fits Best With Adagio Accounting

PayDirt PayrollPayDirt Payroll was written originally for Adagio clients. Many Adagio clients require the ability to easily departmentalize the accounting coming from payroll to the multiple accounts and departments in their Adagio Ledger accounting.

Adagio users also often have union-style payrolls with many benefits, accruals and deductions – often with difficult formulas and calculations that they usually have to do in spreadsheets or track in manual ledgers because their current payroll system can’t do them. PayDirt Payroll has the ability to easily create formulas to manage and calculate all of those complex paycodes.

PayDirt Payroll integrates with the following Adagio Modules:

  • Adagio Ledger
  • Adagio JobCost
  • Adagio BankRec
  • Adagio Payables (for a/p bank rec.)

Payroll automatically sends the payroll accounting to Adagio Ledger. When the user posts a payroll batch in PayDirt and then opens Adagio Ledger a dialogue box appears advising them that there are batches to be retrieved.